Summer 2017 Newsletter

This June marked the start of a new year for the Rhode Island Section YMG. We have continued to conduct conference calls for our monthly meetings over the summer. This can be a busy time of the year for everyone and it great to see such strong participation from current and new members. 

On August 24, 2017, we are hosting our 12th Annual Rhode Island Infrastructure Design Professionals Night at McCoy Stadium. We have been very fortunate to receive the continued support and sponsorship of local engineering firms and partner organizations. They have helped us make ticket prices more affordable for all and for the first time in our 12 years of running this event, children's tickets will be free. 

In 2017 - 2018, we will be working on new and exciting activities that will gain more interest.  Additionally, we will continue with social events such as the Providence Bruins hockey games, a YMG meet and greet, and much more.